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By marce linebarger
In Dallas
Jun 29th, 2013

I love live music. I love concerts. Well, most of them. I love watching each artist express themselves to a crowd of people. It’s such an intimate experience, even when thousands of people are present. I have gotten to attend many a concert in my day. My first concert experience was when I was 11, I think, and I saw Laura Branigan in concert. Do you remember that song “Gloria”? That was Laura Branigan.

“Gloria, I think they got your number, I think they got the alias that you’ve been living under. Gloria!”

I love that song! Ah, that synthesizer. That bass. The horns. Laura Branigan has a very fine voice. What about “Self Control”? Another great one.

“You take my self, you take my self control. I live among the creatures of the night, I haven’t got the will to try and fight.”

Here I am at age 11, maybe.

Here I am at age 11, maybe.

Now, I don’t remember many details of the concert, but I remember loving it. I hope Laura is doing well these days.

Fast forward a few years *ahem* to the Spring of 2013. Matt and I love going to concerts, especially together. This Spring, we were able to see Muse, Sigur Rós, and Sandra McCracken.
I think I was looking forward to Muse the most.

Waiting for the concert to start.

Waiting for the concert to start.

I love rock, and I think Muse is brilliant. I believe their lead singer, Matt Bellamy, is truly a musical genius. A little political for my taste, but that is his right to express his views in his music.

Here is Matt B. super close. Hi Matt!

Here is Matt B. super close. Hi Matt!

Muse's set and lighting was very impressive.

Muse’s set and lighting were very impressive.

We had really great seats. Thank you, presale! I thought their musicianship was excellent. All the songs were awesomely played. But something was missing. I felt absolutely no emotional connection at this concert, and I was very disappointed. Matt B. only addressed the audience maybe twice, and I felt like this could have been the sound check. Again, all the songs were great, but I am accustomed to feeling something at concerts.

Heck, I bawl like a baby every time I see U2 in concert. A baby. There is an emotional connection between all four members of U2, especially The Edge and Bono, and the audience.

My SIL Leslie, Me, and Gangsta Matt at the U2 360 Tour.

My SIL Leslie, Me, and Gangsta Matt at the U2 360 Tour.

Is it fair to compare the two bands? Probably not. Do people like it when you ask rhetorical questions? Again, probably not. But I wished for more. I believe people always want a connection when they listen to music.
When I told my niece, Sadie who was also at the Muse show, my thoughts on the concert, she was mad at me. When my husband overheard my conversation with Sadie, he was mad at me too. What can you do? Oops. Another rhetorical.

Next up was Sigur Rós. They are a post rock band from Iceland. This was a concert I went to for Matt. The date of the show was actually the anniversary of our engagement. Matt is a huge Sigur Rós fan. I could take them or leave them, but I wanted to experience the show with him because Sigur Rós’ music has had a great impact on my husband. Matt has a song for each of our children, and Joel’s is “Mílanó” by Sigur Rós.

Sigur Rós. Again, great seats!

Sigur Rós. Again, great seats!

Anyhoo, I absolutely loved this show! I was so shocked. Every song (almost) starts off very calmly and quietly and builds and builds and builds until you think you will burst from emotion. Either that or your ear drum. How do they do it? They rocked. I did cry at this show. Their instrumentation is excellent, and although Jónsi (their lead singer) is probably the most introverted person I have ever seen, I felt like he wanted to connect with us. He wanted us to feel what he was feeling, what they were feeling. We were a part of the musical journey. It was wonderful.

I didn’t realize this post would be so long. I will save my review of Sandra McCracken for another date, at which time I will also review John Mayer. I am going to that concert with Sadie. I hope she’s not still mad at me.

8 Responses to “Concert Reviews”

  1. Still mad. And while we’re at it… it’s too hot in Dallas.

  2. Leslie says:

    Yes! I made it in a post! I feel like royalty, baby. And that was such a fun concert too. I liked sitting next to y’all. In Dallas. At the home of the Cowboys. Sadie was also mad at that concert that she had to be down on the floor with her dad, who stood with his hands in his pockets the whole time. I think maybe Sadie is mad a lot. I have a feeling that she will like the John Mayer concert with her aunt though. I just hope that guy behaves himself.

    • marce linebarger says:

      You made it, pretty lady! I had a blast at the U2 show, although I wondered afterward if you thought I was too into it. But I can’t help myself. I didn’t really think Sadie was mad at me. She is pure delight. I think we will have a great time with John Mayer, and if he acts up, we’ll tell him to zip it and stick to playing the guitar!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    You’re writing is very fun and clever, Mari, and I’m so glad you’re expressing yourself through your music and through your blog. I’m proud of you, sweet friend! Your concert reviews are thoughtful, and I’m glad you’re getting to go to a few concerts this summer. So fun to have a date with Sadie!

    Love you loads!

    (I like Dallas, too, by the way.)


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